Euroflam was established in 1990 and since then we have continued to offer the most up to date treatments for the wide range of yarns and fibres in today's market place. Our services include bespoke flame retarding and soil and stain treatment service for Domestic and Contract customers. We are keen to lessen the environmental impact of using any chemicals and this continues to be at the forefront of our business philosophy.

We offer a range of advanced textile treatments, using the latest compound developments, for a wide range of textiles, be they for Furnishings, Work-ware & Military uses. All our compounds comply to current E.U. REACH requirements. As a Company we work to a Code of Good Conduct regarding the use of Chemicals, as to how they are used; stored and safely handled, with the protection of the environment, a particular emphasis.

We are introducing a new back-coat compound (DecaBDE free) aimed at Polyester and other high synthetic blends. Initial trials and UKAS testing area promising. Production has starting on selected fabrics, at this stage only for Cigarette & Match standards; Crib 5 is always difficult on synthetics, as they tend to ‘melt’ during the test. Exposing the flame to the foam underneath also ‘melts’ through the full depth of the foam, causing a fail.